Budget Savvy Tips

How much do wedding/event flowers cost? Here are some tips to help you set and stick to your floral budget.


Be Savvy with the Wedding Flowers:

Reduce the number of attendants in your wedding party.  Less attendants means your floral designer will have to create fewer bouquets.

Reduce the number of guests at your wedding.

Choose in-season wedding flowers. They are often less expensive and easier to find.  Flowers that tend to be costly:  Stephanotis, Lily of the Valley, Calla Lily, Orchids (Tropical), Magnolias, Peonies, Poppies, Gardenia and Hydrangea – Moderately priced flowers: Orange Blossoms, Lavender, Daffodil, Daisies, Chrysanthemum, Carnations, Roses and Greenery.  Silk flowers are a good option for centerpieces, throw-away bouquet, petals, etc.

Consider options other than floral arrangements for table centerpieces.  Ask me for other ideas.

Certain flowers will run up of the cost of your floral budget no matter what season.  I can review your options with you.

Choose a naturally beautiful location.  A springtime wedding in a garden or an ornate church may be breathtaking on its own.  Lastly, consider that many facilities are decorated for the holidays, which may provide you with gorgeous poinsettias and garland free of cost.